Scaffold Services

Commercial Supported Systems

DP Industrial offers exterior facades, interior dance floors for elevated finish surfaces, and all other access solutions.  Our innovative design and experience allow us to competitively execute large or small projects safely and efficiently while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships in the industry.  DP Industrial has a proven track record of meeting obligations of all contractual agreements with out incurring alien costs over and above what was agreed.  DP Industrial has a large inventory of ring lock systems scaffold, modular scaffold, tube and clamp, and mobile scaffold systems.  DP Industrial is the right choice for your next project.

Suspended Swing Stage Systems

DP Industrial offers suspended swing stage systems for exterior high rises, exterior facades, elevator shafts and any other needs that customers may have.  DP Industrials Sky Climber system allows 1,000 lbs motor capacity and 1500 lbs motor capacity with walk through, side mount and end stirrups that makes it ideal for masonry repairs, window washing, chem-cleaning, and painting.  DP Industrial team has the experience and knowledge for any application.