Insulation Services

Process Insulation

Keeping the proper design temperature is critical in an industrial facility. Un-insulated or Under-insulated systems can be costing you money. A properly insulated system saves money by reducing energy consumption and emissions output.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of insulation can be 3 to 6 months in Un-insulated cases and within 12 to 18 months in most cases of Under-insulated systems. DPI can help you review your current system parameters and process insulation systems and give you feedback to help you make the right financial decisions in your facility.

Cryogenic Insulation

Cryogenic temperatures begin at -238° F. Insulation is critical to keeping heat out and cold in the system. Proper installation of a cryogenic system is extremely important to the success of the system. Whether it is Oxygen, Nitrogen, or other industrial gasses, insulation can be the reason for success or failure of the system and shutdown of the plant. Insulation systems must be designed to completely seal the system from ambient air to prevent ice build-up and eventual failure of the system. The proper insulation materials as well as best-practice installation techniques are essential to a long lasting cryogenic system.

Personnel Protection

Safety on any site includes protecting workers from hot pipes or other surfaces. OSHA regulations require a surface temperature below 140° F.

DP Industrial can insulate those surfaces and keep your employees from getting burned or suffering heat related health issues. From insulating pipes, heat exchangers, or flat and odd shapes, we can help you keep burn related incidents at zero.

Noise Attenuation

Workplace noise is a health hazard. Some industrial processes and equipment emit sound levels above those allowed by OSHA. In many cases, insulation can be used with a variety of mass loaded products to build a system capable of bringing noise levels back within OSHA guidelines.