Insulation Services

Freeze Protection

Each year, frozen process and water pipes shut down dozens of industrial facilities. The proper heat trace and insulation system will keep you up and running. Damaged or missing insulation allows water to penetrate the existing insulation and render it useless when temperatures drop below freezing. Let us help you analyze your system and devise a solution for you.

Steam & Electric Heat Trace Insulation

In cold climates, insulation alone will not keep lines from freezing unless accompanied by the proper heat trace system. Likewise, for some petroleum products heat tracing will keep the product hot enough to flow through the pipe.

DP Industrial can install your electric heat trace or steam heat trace along with the insulation saving time and schedule coordination. Through our suppliers, we can provide drawings of systems if required.

DP Industrial is not licensed as an electrician. Final connections must be provided by a licensed electrician.

Removable Insulation Blankets

DP Industrial can design and manufacture removable insulation blankets for valves, flanges, pipes, cones, or practically any shaped equipment that requires frequent access for maintenance. Using the proper materials based on the system temperature, atmosphere in the area (acid or other corrosive), and client need, we can provide insulation that your maintenance workers can remove and replace after routine maintenance. Typically, hard insulation is removed by workers and discarded which leaves the system un-insulated, or requires that it be re-insulated at additional cost. Removable, re-usable insulation blankets can be used over and over keeping the integrity of the system intact and costs down.